The City of Zadar, Croatia 

As always at the moment I am in a mad rush this evening; so here are a few snaps from our recent trip to the city of Zadar, Croatia. We had a week in Zadar, spending the days on the beach and a couple of evenings exploring the city.

It was a beautiful city; with it’s old and colourful architecture, impeccably clean cobbled streets (why are so many cities so clean compared to the U.K…) and bustling centre; the atmosphere created a perfect Summer evening. After a giant slice of pizza sitting in front of the church of Saint Donat, we wandered through the Old Town -stopping every few feet to take photos-, and found ourselves at the most serene and beautifully lit harbour, “Oh it’s so romantic!!” my Mother gushed.. And just around the corner, our jaws quite literally dropped at the sight of such stunning views; the ocean and sunset were well and truly on top form. It made my night. (As always the photos do not do it justice..)

If you’re ever in Zadar, be sure to pay a visit to the Sea Organ; a huge experimental instrument, “which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps..”. (Thanks Wikipedia). It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a little strange but quite captivating. I was fascinated. 



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