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I’m Angie, welcome to the blog. Make yourself comfy.


After being a full time Mother for five years (whilst balancing exploring my career options through courses and internships), I am still figuring out the direction I’d like to take my career, and I share parts of this journey on the blog.
I’m big on personal development, so I write about my own experiences and share some of the teachings of my favourite thought leaders. 

                             Follow your curiosity, trust in your unique path, be bold, be brave, and live out loud. 

 “The one thing that unites the people I know who are on satisfying and meaningful paths is that they kept trying things, kept exploring, kept pursuing new opportunities, kept searching until they discovered their ikigai. And then from there they never stop figuring it out because they understand how absolutely crucial this is in creating a life worth living.”Rob Bell, How to be Here 


OTHER HUMANS. I interview people. I ask some big questions like “What do you want to achieve before you die?” and “What message do you most want to pass on to your children?”. Wisdom comes when you ask the right questions. 

MOTHERHOOD. I like to think I offer some form of comfort to all the other Mummies who swear and use sugar as a bribe.

MENTAL HEALTH. I am always trying to find the best ways of managing my mind, from journalling in the morning, to an hour of cardio in the evening, to…meditation (because it sucks at first, but when practiced enough times, it really does work in calming an anxious mind).

Listening to: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast.
Reading: Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
Watching: Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
Also: Lewis Howes, Marie Forleo, Chase Jarvis, Mel Robbins and Tim Ferris.
Current favourite Mummy blog: Honest Mum 
Current favourite Lifestyle blog: Vix Meldrew

CREATIVITY. My current biggest channel of self-expression would be dancing alone in my bedroom. This is the truth. But second to that would be writing and performing.
I am big on encouraging others to pursue what brings them joy. Life’s too short.

BOOKS. Mainly non-fiction.

THE POWER OF YOUR WARDROBE. Clothes mean something. They are the first thing you say to the world before you’ve opened your mouth.
In 2015 I was very into documenting my outfit choices, whilst simultaneously mocking them for how ridiculous they were. (White trousers and 5 inch heels with a toddler in tow?). I am up to #85 outfits and counting. – Plus when I’m old, I want to look back on these photos and think “F*** I looked good; so glad I have these photos to prove it..”.

If this blog makes just one person smile; then I’ll feel it a success. 

Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colourfulkind/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/angelagarwood
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colourfulkind
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/Colourfulkind/

Contact me: colourfulkind@gmail.com




11 thoughts on “ABOUT ME 

  1. Angie, Hi! Thanks for following my blog. It’s so hard to find other single mums out there. And a single mum who writes about fashion?! I’ve been looking for such a thing for ages. Looking forward to reading more xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you!
      By the way your blog has made my day, Reading your stories I feel like some of them could be me haha I’ve just had one of “those” days but this had really made me smile and laugh; you’re amazing!
      I hope I make it to as many posts as you’ve done one day! X


      1. Thanks Angie, that’s so sweet. Oh yes, I know ‘those’ days. I hope tomorrow is better for you. Keep on posting, you’ll be up to post 500 in no time… because time flies when you’re a single mum, ha ha.


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