Top Blog Posts

Some of the blog posts I’m extra proud of and would be very happy for you to read…(that have also had some decent feedback..)

#1 Anxiety, Uncertainty and Delicious Ambiguity: Discussing how to accept uncertainty and view it in a more positive light, how to stop overthinking and why we need to stay as present as we can and trust life’s journey.

#2 Treading the Spiritual Path: I am exactly where I’m meant to be: The power of meditation and the feeling that maybe every little thing I am doing really is adding up to something.

#3 Balancing the Pursuit of Acting and Creativity with Motherhood: The reality of pursuing your dreams and being a parent, gratitude, and taking the road less travelled.

#4 Why I felt the need to Travel Solo: I visited Budapest, Prague and Copenhagen alone; what I learnt on this adventure. (An ode to self-love and liberating experiences).

#5 Not another Self-Help Book: 5 of my favourite Self-Help books, including Reasons to Stay Alive, You are a Badass and The Inner Fix.

#6 The Power of Happy: Finding the Funny: An ode to Maia’s two Grandmas and a reminder to laugh more, because life is too short to take too seriously.

#7 I’m a Full-Time Mother, it’s a JOB you know: Reminding parents on those low days, that raising a child – if you choose to have them- is the most important role you will ever take on.

#8 The Happiness Project, The Beauty of Libraries: Libraries are sacred places we must cherish, for there is magic to be found and always something to discover.

#9 The Strongest Connection of All: A long and humorous post on my three year breastfeeding journey.

#10 Texas Roadtrip Adventures, Smithville: A reminder of the sheer magnitude of this planet and the many different types of people that inhabit it, and how little of it most of us have really seen or experienced.

#11 Happiness by Design: What I learnt after 100 days of The Happiness Planner:

#12 Interview with Florist Hannah Trott on Grief, Courage and Kindness: Hannah lost her Mother Jo to Leukaemia in 2015, here we discuss her grief, her faith and the lessons she took from her Mother.

#13 Confessions of a Single Mother: Filling up your cup: Why it’s important to take time for yourself.

#14 Lessons from my Daughter, Riding on a shitting Star: One of those hilarious conversations with my daughter where she teaches me far more than I teach her.

#15 Confessions of a Single Mother: Positive Mental Attitude: The day I knew taking up running would change my life.

#16 Parenting Success, A Workshop in Positive Discipline: A review of an insightful and empowering parenting workshop, with an emphasis on positive parenting and “there is no such thing as a perfect parent, focus on what is going right”.

#17 Fuck Mummy Guilt : Reminding ourselves that we need to set an example and be kind to ourselves, believe in ourselves and our children will do the same.

#18 Confessions of a Single Mother: I Will Survive : An Ode to the single life, how being on your own has it’s upside.

#19 Confessions of a Single Mother: I Will Survive Two years Later: Two years on from the first “Ode to the single life” post, a life and dating update.  Thoughts on how your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

#20 Confessions of a Single Mother, The Word Mummy: A reminder that yes it can suck being a single Mother, but, after all, I still get to be someone’s Mummy, and that is truly life’s greatest joy.

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