365 Outfits…Wild and Free

IMG_3235Here I feel like I’m going on a safari. I am wild and free. (/Home bound and tired). Not just because of the elephants, it’s the boots too, and the khaki green. I agree this bag is reminiscent of a carpet. Or maybe rug. A knock-off carpet/rug bag; soft and spacious it does it’s job and fits in with my colour scheme. I shall cut and flatten it back out later and return it to the foot of my front door.

I’m never quite sure about animals on clothes. It really depends on the animal. Certain animals simply look naff. For example I’d wear a shirt with a lion or snake on, but not a sheep or horse (or any farm animal for that matter; unless it was a particular children’s show character that Maia particularly loved; I’d stretch to a wooly sheep jumper; but only for the child.) Of course there’ll always be the girl who can pull the Sheep/Horse/Pony Jumper off.. That girl is not me, I am not edgy enough and I dislike horses. If you see me in a horse jumper; something is wrong. IMG_3228IMG_3224IMG_3247IMG_3248IMG_3222Look #71 : Top – TKMaxx, Shorts – Miss Selfridge, Heels – New Look, Boots – Dune, Jacket – Dorothy Perkins


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