A Colourful Life: The Hub of Make-Believe and Creativity

I will be 30 this year and I’m still blu-tacking postcards to the wall above my desk. (And photos and quotes and various other bits that bring me joy.)
I love my desk. It’s like my touchstone, my base.

I remember the night my Uncle finished building my first one. I was about four.
I couldn’t wait to see it. White, with three drawers and shelves on the left.
I had it for years and years. (Parents still have it..)
At some point I was given a nice comfy black and turquoise swivel chair to go with it. (Parents still have that too.)

I re-arranged the objects on it hundreds of times. I’d line the entire desk-border with everything under the sun. Teeny weeny photo frames, equally as minute photo-holders, books held in place with bookends, objects now referred to as “fidget toys”, a stationary holder, mini notebooks…It was busy.
And I’d always stick things to the wall behind it. Made it feel cosy. A proper little space. Well adorned.

I’d sit and draw and write and paint and make up stories and “imaginate” as Maia so aptly refers to the imaginary world she’s concocted that I also had as a child. (Still do sometimes..)
When I was really little, I’d sit at my desk and take a pretend register for my class.
As I got older, the desk became a place for imaginary important meetings. The swivel chair coming in handy as I exerted my authority in my “office”.
It was always a hub of make-believe and creativity.

Now, it’s my little haven. A space for potential creativity.
I don’t write there often. I seem to write everywhere else instead.
But I’m trying to use it more. (It helps that I’ve stopped using it as a stop-off point for folded-but-not-yet-put-away-laundry.)

For someone who’s always loved her desk, it is a luxury, to sit at this somewhat sacred designated table, that is only mine. We don’t spill spag bol on it, Leo doesn’t get to draw on it, I’m not sharing it with anyone; it is my space.
Sometimes just the act of sitting at it is enough to ground me during a moment of angst.

As for all the blu-tacking, I like being surrounded by my favourite words. And pretty things.


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