My Week in 5 Things

I am currently doing work experience at a local newspaper (it’s all quite exciting actually, I’ve had quite a few articles published in print and a few of them have had my name on (A byline!.. A BYLINE!). But because I am not accustomed to spending my whole day in front of a computer as opposed to running after a small child, I find myself with a different kind of exhaustion and I come home with limited energy levels, meaning very little time spent with Maia or the blog. I miss them both.

So this week I thought I’d do something a little different and simply sum up the brighter parts of my week in objects ( plus one play and a little monkey):

1.) My parents’ 26th Wedding Anniversary 

Dad came home with six small bunches of flowers (this is half the arrangement) and I actually repeated “Awhhh” about four times.

2.) My beloved embroidery threads

If I’m too tired to read or write, this is what I turn to. I’m currently working on a cushion cover but it’s slow progress so I’ll share it when it’s done, in the Spring of 2018… The ease and simplicity of hand embroidery brings me so much joy, it really requires very little cognitive function.

3.) How the Other Half Loves

It made me laugh, and even though I didn’t find it absolutely hilarious, 75% of the audience did and sitting there next to a man in hysterics just really put a smile on my face.

4.) Little acts of Kindness: Postcard from Aunty Sophie

I love this woman. She is one of my oldest friends and although I only see her a couple of times a year, when I do it’s like no time’s passed. I also love receiving postcards. A postcard is one of the sweetest, most quaint little ways to let someone know you’re thinking of them. It also takes me back to childhood as my friends and I loved sending postcards. It’s comforting to know that even though everyone emails and Facetime’s and Whatsapp’s each other now, there will always be the friends who will continue to bring joy through the letterbox.

5.) This little monkey sang me Twinkle Twinkle

I feel like I’ve barely seen her this week, but one evening as I was tucking her in, she sang me Twinkle Twinkle all the way through. I’d been so busy going to the newspaper everyday, I had no idea she even knew all the words. (Grandma had taught her) I interviewed Jimmy Osmond over the phone earlier that day and had several articles published, but nothing could really top this moment of Mummy Pride.


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