Book of the Week: More Than a Woman

“And besides, when you lose skin elasticity, you also lose the amount of fucks you give. Perhaps that’s why the skin is so loose now – from all my fucks leaving. If so, I’m happy to enjoy the space they have left. Byeeeee.” 
― Caitlin Moran, More Than a Woman 

I love this woman. She’s ballsy, unapologetic and hilarious. She taught me the meaning of feminism in “How to be a Woman” and this book is just as brilliant. Despite not being middle-aged myself, I felt very seen. This book is for all the women.

“For a while, I became uncharacteristically negative, and dolorous, about humanity – I could not get over this image of how, behind every front door, there is a world that no one save those behind it really knows about. How every street, suburb, village and city holds thousands upon thousands of micro-universes – all with different rules, and vocabularies, and ideas of normality. This is where women are, and their worlds are utterly secret to us. Women’s domestic lives are secret to us.
“But then, a second, comforting thought; the majority of untold stories, happening behind every door, are good. They are breakfasts and birthdays and Christmases, and the whole family being excited to use the new, fluffy towels; they are handles being glued back onto cups, and weeping friends being consoled, and the money being found somehow, for a holiday with Nan. The laundry and the broken hearts, and the boiled cabbage, and the teaching of manners to toddlers; the singing of songs, and painting the walls, and running what is essentially a small company from which you don’t expect profits, or goods, but merely the endless production of calm and love. Adventures still happen, inside these homes. Quests are embarked on. Transformations happen.”
― Caitlin Moran, More Than a Woman 


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