My Week In 5 Things: Fuzzy Feeling of Gratitude 

5 things that made my week a little brighter: 


Maia turned three last week and I think I enjoyed every minute of the celebrations as much as she did. I woke up with this warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude and excitement that my little girl was another year older. Her face would light up at each and every card and gift, and she’d hug each individual to say thank you. It was a wonderful day…/week.


Enough said.

3.) “HAPPY HOUSE” (Toddler Music Class) 

We’ll be stopping this music class in December. We started it when Maia was 4 months old and moved up through the classes. I shall miss it. – The people, the music, but mostly the DRESS-UP.


I’ve spent many evenings in just sewing and painting. Single-Mummy life is somewhat..colourful.


I don’t know what came over me as I had been trying to implement a “NO BUYING ONLY BORROWING” books rule. But every now and again you need that boost. So I bought the books. And boosted I was.


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