5 Wonderful Things about our Trip to Guildford

5 things that made me smile on our day out in Guildford last week.


Maia loves going on the train. We don’t go by train very often so when we do it’s a little treat for her. She notices everything. The houses, the trees, cars, big open fields with horses.. It’s very sweet that when most adults are immersed in their phones, she’s sat there admiring the scenery and intrigued by every little thing. She’ll ask: “But why are we stopping Mummy?.. Why is it so bumpy? What is that?” (*points to screen with station names running across*)…


I’ve made some great friends through my weekend drama classes and our little adventure to Guildford was to meet up with them. Maia loved playing with her new friend Sarah and I could have spent the whole day catching up with my good friend Liz, who I only met last year, but feel like I’ve known for years.


Beautiful Autumn and the fun Maia had running around in the crunchy leaves.


There’s something very special about a well-kept garden and I was so impressed with Guildford’s Castle gardens which Sarah assured me looked even better when all the flowers had bloomed.


We had a very quick look in the shops and I found the exact coat I’d been searching for online for Maia. Her response? “No Mummy! I don’t want a new coat!”. I just hope this attitude continues well into her teens. I bought the coat a size too big in the hope she’ll learn to love it in the coming year.

After a lovely lunch sat in the castle gardens, followed by a short wander and long over-due natter, we ended the afternoon sat in Costa with hot chocolates and popcorn.

We were lucky enough to get seats on the train on the way home and I had a slightly more wearisome version of the morning’s intrigue and requests :“What does that sign say Mummy?” “Can I have my blueberries now?” “Can I take my boots off?”.

She had her blueberries, I took her boots off, and we had a very pleasant, rather amusing journey home.


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