Happiness by Design: Friday Nights and my Sparkly New Sewing Machine

While many twenty-somethings will spend their Friday nights at some kind of small social gathering, edgy music playing in the background and an abundance of smoke and alcohol, mine was a little different.

My Friday night consisted of me, my sparkly new sewing machine, and the kind of joy small children experience when they unwrap a surprise toy. (The music included Beyonce on my iPad and instead of alcohol I had an abundance of threads, lots and lots of threads). 

I arrived home from the shops this evening  (the shops meaning pretty much just John Lewis), rushed up to my room, unpacked my new machine, and immediately got going with the embroidery.

It was far from perfect – I haven’t done machine embroidery in years.

But I was just happy I remembered how to wind the bobbin and thread the needle. (As you can tell it’s been a wild night, but in all honesty I haven’t felt this excited in weeks, I mean this sewing machine was like magic to me; much like with alcohol on a night out; the possibilities are endless..)

Now I can finally sew all the things I’ve been wanting to, all the little designs, all the words, all the ideas for colours for “The Colourful Kind” . (I don’t have a logo yet, but I may end up sewing it before I know how to digitally design it..)

So here are a few of my little test-runs:


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