Pretty little things…

I’m a very fortunate person in many ways. – One being my family and wonderful daughter, another being my amazing friends. I’m lucky enough to have friends that come and visit me regularly. I’m not completely house bound, but it’s not as easy to go out as it used to be so often friends will come and see Maia and me at home (it’s less tiring and I can feed her without worrying about exposing myself to the general public).

I’ve always admired each of my friends for their personal style, and every time a friend comes over I can’t help but appreciate individual items they’re wearing or carrying. New shoes, a cute dress or bracelet. This week I wanted to try something a little different. Here are a few things -belonging to friends- they’ve either mentioned or I’ve noticed them wearing and taken a liking to.

These gorgeous Timberlands were a friend’s 21st birthday present, it may be June but these boots will do all year round. Sturdy, waterproof and definitely a classic staple item.

This bright coral necklace caught my eye, perfect for the Spring/Summer and works well to add a splash of colour to an outfit. Worn here with a plain cream jumper. From Forever 21

Pandora is another classic, I understand it’s not for all girls, but it’s certainly a favourite among my friends. Again this is a friend’s 21st birthday present.

It’s very nearly Summer. Which means there are weddings, balls, barbecues, tea parties and all the rest to attend and we’re either excited to whip out our summer dresses or dreading the thought. (It is a lot of work keeping those pins looking good; hair removal, moisturising and tanning etc. Then there are our feet…exfoliating and pedicures..- There are so many parts to take care of, and that’s not even mentioning face or hair!)

Last week a close friend came over and showed me this beautiful dress that she wore to a wedding. It’s a dress for more than one occasion, “weddings, graduation, lunch with friends or even shopping” (Quote Livi). It has a classic cut, the lively print giving it a modern edge. Versatile and chic this dress would be stretching my budget, but -quality over quantity– I think it’s worth it. Team with stylish earrings and a hot pair of heels. Photo below from Twenty8Twelve.

See Twenty8Twelve.

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