365 Outfits…The Happy Medium


Today I went for the happy medium that fits somewhere in between ripped-jeans casual and tailored trousers workwear. We could call it understated. Or we could call it a striped shirt and khaki shorts. I find it hard to style shorts like these. – They don’t really do much for my figure. They don’t enhance anything. They’re simply un-sexy. Un-sexy but I still love them; they’re soft and hug my bum without suffocating it and I am content with the level of sophistication that comes with shorts that don’t reveal half your buttocks. And not forgetting the bag that seems permanently glued to my arm in these outfit shots.

IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2495IMG_2500

IMG_2496 IMG_2505
Look #67: Shirt – New Look, Shorts – Forever 21, Heels – TKMaxx – Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser



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