365 Outfits..Double Denim

Today I went shopping for a friend’s birthday present.. So I’m not a very “focused shopper“, -like many- I often accumulate some additional items…
Yes today the Sales called, and I answered. I spoilt myself with a few garments, some sandals and a bag (£16.50 from £55 was too good to miss). But hey; being a mother is hard work -as is life in general- we should spoil ourselves occasionally, and all items were on sale. Life’s too short

Outfit #13: 

 Top from Primark, White Jeans from Mango, Sandals from Dune, Bag from House of Fraser ( all -apart from the Top- in the Sale!)

Outfit #14. I rarely wear dresses, but when I saw this I had to try it on. (Not sure what was so wonderful on the ground that made me smile so happily..) 

 Dress from Primark.