365 Outfits…Finding Joy


Worn out and weary eyed, I sat down to muster anything I could, a few haphazard sentences about the outfit in front of me; when I thought – not for the first time-… What am I doing? Shouldn’t I be writing about something with a little more.. importance? Politics, current affairs, women’s rights, health and wellbeing- Many far more important, pressing issues and I find myself commenting on the impressive stitching on my new Karen Millen dress. Well yes I could discuss – not in any depth- the chances of Labour winning the UK Election, or why I think there should be more female politicians. I could talk about how important I think it is to learn a foreign language or how I believe primary school children should have to do sports every day at school. I could go on about my love of -the concept of- Meditation or my admiration for people who make the time to read books regularly. But nothing- besides my daughter- brings me more joy, than clothing.

So is Fashion really all that important? 

Well, no. It’s a luxury not a necessity. The world would not stop spinning if we all began wearing the exact same thing. (But the visuals would be a little dull). Phrases like self-expression come to mind when we consider what Fashion means to the individual. We like to look good, some like to stand out. I won’t begin on the term individuality.

Fashion can reflect what’s going on in the world; the politics and socioeconomics. A thriving industry; it creates jobs and contributes to the global economy. Hugely. More importantly it breeds creativity and innovation. But let’s not put Fashion on a pedestal. Yes let’s. Fashion brings me joy. It makes me- and many others- very happy. It may seem shallow that I find perusing through my wardrobe a purely delightful activity; but my clothes- each and every piece- have meaning. There is significance in every item be it where or when it was bought, last worn, or who gave it to me. Some people find joy bird watching, others lying on a beach or collecting antique furniture. I find it in the clothes I wear and the experiences I have in them. (*I will add that I also enjoy; singing, intense cardio workouts, KUWTK and junk food).

Here’s to the shallow industry, may it continue to prosper and bring happiness to the lives of many.




IMG_9299 IMG_9310 IMG_9357 IMG_9371

Look #50: Dress- Grandma’s Wardrobe (unknown), Cardigan and Shoes- Zara, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser



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