The Little Luxuries

IMG_2418One lesson I’ll teach my daughter from a young age: Read. A lot. Often.

I’m so thankful my parents gave me such an appreciation of books. Parts of the house actually resemble a well stocked library, (their love of literature has become a slight hoarding issue..)
I grew fond of our little library and although moments to myself are limited, any time spent with a book in hand is a luxury.

Above is my reading material for the next few months.

Caitlin Moran’s many references to Greer in How to be a Woman (a witty, informative and empowering read) led me to Waterstones where I picked up The Female Eunuch. I feel some sort of responsibility as a woman to read it. The F word is cropping up everywhere now – so it should -and I’m keen to broaden my understanding of it, form my own opinion.

If I make it through Germaine Greer and Daniel Kahneman, I’ll treat myself to the bottom three…



  1. Hahahaha! I was the opposite… I hated it! My sister was the reader in the family, when I hit high school literally it switched. Now I’m the reader… I think if you were to look through my TBR list you’d probably call me a hoarder too!! Lol


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