365 Outfits…Like I Can

Whilst I haven’t yet mastered the art of squatting, I continue to leave the gym feeling relaxed, revived and lighter than air. It’s having quite the positive effect on me.

As my daughter took her first steps this week – she can now do five before falling- I too have been venturing into the unknown. Driving solo. I’ve been driving on my own for a while now but only recently have I actually felt relaxed behind the wheel. Finally.
(After passing my test I requested accompaniment wherever I went, my parents are patient to say the least.) 

Well have a wonderful Valentines Day whatever you may be up to. Single or loved up, don’t forget to spread thy love.

Here is outfit #40








Jacket – Zara
Top – Zara
Jeans – Zara
Boots – Dune
Pumps – Dune
Necklace – Wallis
Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser


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