365 Outfits…Earned it 

What, when and where: Saturday night; Julie’s flat in London for a small Dinner Party…

It was delightful. Caribbean themed – because who doesn’t love a theme – with Jamaican music, cocktail sticks and actual pineapples. 

I had to ring my mother at one stage to ask what instrument would be necessary to crack open a coconut; she replied axe. Of course. With a significant lack of axes in the vicinity she then suggested a hammer. We borrowed a hammer from the local pub and sure enough I cracked three coconuts open right there on the street with said borrowed hammer. Did we drink the coconut water? Did we use the flesh for some elaborate recipe? No. They were used to hold Skittles. Obviously.

IMG_3191Outfit #41









Playsuit – Zara

Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Zara

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