365 Outfits…Going Up

IMG_8276Little Denim shorts. Possibly the best part of the S/S wardrobe closely followed by T-Shirts and white skinny jeans. I’m a T-Shirt person. I’ve become more of a T-Shirt person since having a child. So when I come across bright, colourful, pleated pieces in my wardrobe that aren’t T-Shirts; it’s a pleasantry. A rarity. This -now I’m going to say coral, as I have no idea what colour it is, to me it’s a Pink Coral but do correct me- Coral top goes against everything I wear on a daily basis; it’s not black or white, hangs well and has pleats. I do love a pleat.



The denim shorts because the sun was out and I got all excited. As much as I love a pair of denim shorts; they do have the tendency to ride up. I seldom find them comfortable when seated. The word wedgie comes to mind. Currently on the search for a nice little soft pair that I don’t want to rip right off the minute I pull up a chair. All wedgies aside; shorts do complement the posterior; ie they create the illusion that I actually have something resembling buttocks. (Either that or they simply conceal my quite-literally-flat-as-a-pancake-bum by diverting attention to the knee/thigh area).

Here is outfit #45 with a change of shorts and boots.

IMG_8094Apparently an air stewardess.


“heads, shoulders knees and toes…”



IMG_8177Jingle jangle. 


Top – Boohoo, Both Shorts – Miss Selfridge, White Pumps – Topshop, Black Boots – Dorothy Perkins, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser



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