London: Crowded Museums, Harrods Food Hall and Hyde Park

IMG_1451I never tire of trips to London; particularly when I get to play tourist. Last Saturday Isa and I went – despite the mild concerns of my parents-  to continue with our steady stream of Museums started in Oxford the day before.

First stop: The V&A. We didn’t stay for long; there is a huge amount to see and we barely covered the ground floor. But one of my favourites would have to be Michelangelo’s David…

Next stop: The Natural History Museum (Which has changed significantly since the last time I visited..)IMG_1444IMG_1445IMG_1448Next: The Harrods Food Hall; which is so much more fun than you would think. It’s a room full of beautifully presented food; there’s a lot of joy in this. IMG_1451IMG_1452IMG_1449IMG_1453And when our feet could not take anymore; we went for a much needed lie down in Hyde Park.. IMG_0996IMG_1023

Later on, after we’d recovered from the crowds; we ventured to Sofia and Lee’s house for a BBQ. Yummy food, awesome people and Cards Against Humanities made the evening a wonderful one.