365 Outfits…Like the Kids


Raising another human teaches you many things; how to pick objects off the floor using only a foot, how to use the toilet –the whole process- with only one free hand and probably the most useful; how to get ready for an outing in warp speed. What used to take me X amount of time now takes me X/2 . Gone is the luxury of choosing my clothes; I tend to just grab whatever’s clean and in the vicinity. If colours don’t coordinate; I celebrate the clash.

So today, in my permanent state of hurried; I threw on what was nearby and somehow subconsciously mustered a look most sixteen year olds are currently wearing (minus the rucksack and black chunky platform trainers). This only occurred to me as I wandered through the shops and noticed I was dressed not like the other women, but like the kids. – The rude, spotty, foul-mouthed little…angels.

Well there are no rules in personal style; so for the foreseeable future I may continue to dress like a teen. There’ll be plenty of time to dress like an adult later. I look forward to that time; to all the elegance, poise and sophistication I’ll no doubt possess. Ha.



Look #47: Crop Top and Trainers – New Look, Jeans – Hollister, Jacket – Wallis, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser, Necklace – Topshop



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