365 Outfits…Run the World


Today I headed straight for the metallic. Tempting as it is to stick to lights and pastels now that Spring has sprung into Summer almost overnight; (we’re all very excited here in the UK, people are getting burnt; and I’ve noticed people smiling…) I cannot eliminate black from my wardrobe. Whatever the weather; black stays. Black is a win win. Here I’m going for Tin-Woman meets 80s Pop Star. This I would wear to Waitrose on a Saturday, or possibly the Garden Centre.

So what’s new this week? Besides all the excitement surrounding the weather; I’ve heard Hillary Clinton is again running for President. Well *clapping emoticon*. Now I won’t pretend I’m abreast with current political affairs in America. My knowledge of British politics is limited; I know the party leaders and have a general idea of their policies, sometimes I’ll even read the odd article or watch an interview. However I am not well versed on what happened during Thatcher’s rule so I cannot comment on the effects of our only female leader. I do hear Angela Merkel is a force to be reckoned with; the outstanding political leader in Europe today.

We can write as many books on Feminism and leadership as we want; nothing says “women rule the world” better than a woman president of the U.S.A. -well that and Beyoncé.
Here’s to more female leaders and politicians.
Who run the world?. . . Well boys..but we’re getting there.





Look #48: Top and Skirt – Primark, Heels – Miss Selfridge, Choker – Topshop



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