365 Outfits…Aesthetically Pleasing


What will you never need but they’re just so pretty you will no doubt one day purchase one?

The kimono doesn’t really know where it fits in. It doesn’t serve a purpose like a bra or pair of spanx. A cardigan, jacket or rain coat would serve you better in the English weather. It’s simply aesthetically pleasing; like a necklace. A delicate material that looks great but won’t hold your boobies in place or keep you warm in the winter. This particular kimono’s job is to be the statement piece; tying the outfit together – that is really it’s sole purpose. Plus it’s very pretty to look at.

So here’s my beautiful useless kimono…




IMG_8520 IMG_8524

Yep, still the same size…

IMG_8525 IMG_8537 IMG_8550

….A unicorn?!?

IMG_8563 IMG_8572 IMG_8585 IMG_8587

Look #54: Kimono -TKMaxx, Black Top- Topshop, Shorts and Heels – Zara, Clutch- Therapy by House of Fraser, Black Shoes – Dune


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