365 Outfits…High Maintenance 


The mini skirt. Well this ones not all that mini really; it’s quite conservative compared to some of my others. I would wear this skirt every day if I could (*I could but it’s not part of my S.A.H.M uniform; with all the milk spillages and powder explosions, this skirt wouldn’t make it to elevensies.) It’s one of my higher-maintenance pieces of clothing in that I’m always wary of creases and the pleats un-pleating themselves. Great care is taken to place this skirt above all other skirts in my pile of skirts. 

IMG_9417 IMG_9433 IMG_9445 IMG_9446

IMG_9458 IMG_9461


Look #55: Skirt and Jacket – Zara, Shirt – Gap, Shoes – Dune, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser, Gold Necklace – Topshop



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