365 Outfits…Unrestricted 

I call this look free as a bird, as yet again I am braless, free and unrestricted. It’s all very liberating. My arms can move in whole new ways now I’m not bound by straps and wires. Though I wouldn’t call it sophisticated, this dress is long enough to maintain a sense of decorum, and short enough that when you start dancing you find your legs can stretch to all angles, with no fabric restricting your movement. All decorum is lost. 

The right print can make a fuller figure appear smaller; choose the wrong print and one gains five lbs. I say wear whatever you fancy.

The heels? They may look short, friendly and comfortable but I can assure you they’re anything but. It’s baby toe that really gets it. They scream out for me to replace the evil heels with breezy compassionate flip flops. I decline whimpering anything for fashionpain is beauty..

IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0023  IMG_0027

Look #61: Dress – Miss Selfridge, Heels – Zara, Clutch – Therapy by House of Fraser, Bracelet – Wallis 


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