365 Outfits…Power Woman


This was a dress bought on a whim. Unplanned but welcomed into my life- much like my little girl- I just didn’t see it coming. Innocent “window shopping” quickly progressed to trying it on, liking what I saw and buying it. The colour, cut and quality; all boxes ticked.

I felt like a grown up. A real woman. My usually flat posterior was enhanced and my rather pole-like frame developed curves. This dress was unlike anything I’d ever purchased. Well constructed and made to create a silhouette far more exciting than the average figure jeans and a T-Shirt create.

It was a versatile purchase. I could wear this dress everywhere; afternoon tea, dinners, meetings – I don’t attend meetings, but in this dress I’d be the sort of career woman who regularly held meetings. Nor do I go to afternoon tea or dinner often, but with this dress I’d meet clients regularly to discuss potential collaborations and projects. I’d be a mother juggling work and home; but in this dress I’d juggle it well.

So the dress made me feel all power-woman; this was a woman who had to be somewhere. (Say, the boardroom for a conference call…). Well this woman had to go to the bedroom, to change her daughter’s nappy. Much more glamorous. Off came the dress. That fantasy ended before it started.









Look #60: Dress – Karen Millen, Heels – Zara



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