365 Outfits…I am the Boss

IMG_1149Trousers. On a practical level; they very much take the lead over pencil skirts. As much as I love a pretty pencil, there’s always a small part of my brain that’s thinking “oh I do hope my bum looks good in this” whereas with trousers I know it looks about average; flat and understated. Plus, with a pencil skirt, you can’t run as fast- say if you had a train to catch- or sit with your legs wide open, y’know when you’re stretching in the office, as one does.

Work wise I tend to feel much more authoritative in trousers than I do in a skirt. More learned. I am the boss. (Or rather my child is but it’s a close call). They ooze maturity and sophistication. Wearing these trousers I feel I can be assertive, communicate effectively and lead a small team of employees to reach set goals. It’s amazing what fabric constructed in the right way can do for my imagination. I’ve gone from stay-at-home-mother to CEO of small start-up in the thirty seconds it took to put these on.

No doubt a foolish move to wear all white in the company of a toddler (which is why I quickly changed into jeans the minute these photos were done); I’d had a longing for trousers like these. A longing that could not be ignored, much like the need for chocolate.

I feel excited for the years to come now that the trouser-shirt combo is a part of my wardrobe. I’ve now decided to try and dress more like a grown woman as opposed to a fourteen year old boy…. (It’s not always possible. The trouser-shirt combo is great but it’s got nothing on the T-shirt-and-Jeans combo. The love I have for my Mummy Uniform is just too strong.)

Here’s how I got on:



IMG_1125    IMG_1146 IMG_1136

Look #62: Trousers – Primark, White Button Down Shirt – Miss Selfridge, Heels – Zara, Bag – Bloomingdales 



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