365 Outfits…Easy Breezy

IMG_0675The weekend look. (Or in my case the every-single-day look). In my usual slapdash approach to getting ready I went for the simplest and most basic combos of them all. Ripped jeans and partially see through tops will never let me down.

As much as I love neutrals I felt an injection of colour was necessary; enter chunky blue necklace. Easy. Everything about this look is easy. The colours, the fabrics, the space my stomach, breasts and other parts are given to breathe. (No sucking in, no wedgies, no tugging things up so other things don’t go down…)
What pulls it all together? The easy breezy cardigan obviously. I use the word cardigan loosely as it’s hardly fit for purpose, it won’t actually keep you warm. The fabric hangs well and creates some nice silhouettes- I feel youthful and care-free. Come 7pm and a harsh breeze; I feel cold…

Here I am twenty minutes into our picnic; pretending not to be fazed by the curious glances of passers by and other picnic goers.





Look #63: Jeans – Zara, White Tank – Primark, Grey Cardigan – Miss Selfridge, Shoes- Topshop, Necklace – Topshop 



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