Designer Feature: Elizabeth Rose Fraser


Elizabeth Rose Fraser, BA Menswear Graduate, London College of Fashion. 
Collection: Exotic Escapism 

Warm, witty and unquestionably talented; I first met this particular designer aged eleven at school. Having sat next to this wonderful woman in Art class –we both worked extremely hard, but she was the natural artist- it was no surprise when she told me she wanted to apply to London College of Fashion. Eleven years –and many art classes- later I am sat watching her designs flow past me on the catwalk. They’re striking and fabulous, much like her.

Inspired by Hollywood movie Casablanca, the SS16 collection tells the story of Rick Blaine’s time in Morocco and “ a hybrid of North African ethnic dress and traditional American menswear with a focus on 1940’s tailoring”. Exotic Escapism channels the idea of the jetsetter with an opulent lifestyle; with the wardrobe for any occasion.

I was particularly drawn to Fraser’s choice of materials; principally vintage silks with a rich colour palette consisting of navy, maroon and slate blues. Each silk piece was made more elaborate with intricate prints; reflecting North African traditional wall tiles. The prints and certain elements of tailoring also give off an English gentleman vibe; which Fraser felt was important as “American menswear of the 20th century was inspired by English tailors”. I was reminded of the classic charming prints found on the ties and handkerchiefs of prosperous British men. Beautifully created silhouettes; the garments are elegant and tasteful but far from conventional.

A daring, poignant and adventurous collection; Fraser has successfully combined two very different traditional themes creating a suitcase to be coveted.  The affluent man in possession of these pieces is a privileged one; audacious and bold he stands out from the crowd looking nothing less than pristine.

So the seemingly timid girl I met eleven years ago is all grown up now, anything but shy she is putting her stamp on the menswear design scene. A multitude of talents, she’s a designer, a model and a highly skilled ballroom dancer. Needless to say Fraser has an exciting career ahead of her.

Instagram: mselizabeth_rosefraser






Photography by Ray Chang:

Model: Jordan Brown @watch_jordan


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