London College of Fashion BA Menswear Graduate Show


Above Photograph by Ray Chang.

London College of Fashion; to say entry is competitive would be an understatement.  One must demonstrate a high level of talent, enthusiasm and commitment to their craft. They then have to maintain this level of passion and commitment, whilst nurturing their skills over the duration of the course. So when designer and friend Elizabeth Rose Fraser mentioned I should come to her BA Menswear Graduate Show, I knew I had plenty to look forward to.

Venue: Shoreditch Town Hall. I arrived in good time to be greeted at the front steps by Liz who whisked me past the queue and into the building; which was something impressive on its own. (I am told the Hall is a wedding venue; unsurprising given the pillars and sophisticated bathrooms).

Liz leads me to one very crowded –and rather stuffy- room, where I find twenty-six graduates, a handful of models, photographers, makeup artists and others present simply for moral support. Everyone is busy in preparation and within minutes I’m discussing polyurethane and sustainability with one designer, then organza and herringbone wool with the next. Some got very technical.


Shorts by: Juniper Lai


Jacket by: James Adam Nightingale, Designer Feature on blog here.


Designer Martin Brambley discussing sustainability, polyurethane and how he created his garments with no stitching.


Designer: Alejandro Gomez Palomo


Designer: Agatha Smith


Coat by: Adam White-Jones


Above by: Harley Hodges 

The diversity of collections was fantastic, everything from exotic escapism, to the globalisation of the food industry, to football fan culture. There was something for everyone. I was particularly drawn to Joana Ostrowska’s  collection “Into Thin Air” and Isobel Cook’s collaboration with textile designer Giverney-Grace Volrath.


Pieces above from Joana Ostrowska’s Into Thin Air.


Pieces above from Isobel Cook and Giverney-Grace Volrath’s collection: Self.


A vibrant atmosphere and a wonderfully diverse group of designers, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing what’s next for these ambitious individuals.


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