365 Outfits…Can Do No Wrong


I know, I know this pose is a bit naff but when the photographer (my mother) says to do something with your arms; you just go along with it. I feel a wind machine would enhance this shot.

These are the shorts I wear when I don’t know what to wear on a night out. They’re just the right amount of risqué. (Any more thigh and we’re verging on indecent/pure slutty. I wore them with lace last time; bra in plain sight; it was all very wild and inappropriate, like my dancing.) I believe the kimono once again ties all components together. This thing can do no wrong. I haven’t worked out how to wash it yet; I sense a Hand-Wash Only Label coming my way. I don’t do that; I don’t have the patience. It might have to go.

IMG_3258 IMG_3259

Look #73: Top – Miss Selfridge, Shorts and Heels – New Look, Kimono – TK Maxx, Necklace – Topshop



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