London Fashion Weekend 2015…

For my Birthday, amazing friend Julie bought tickets to London Fashion Weekend. I couldn’t have been happier. She’d given some pretty great gifts in the past, but this one topped them all. I’d never been before and it did not disappoint.

Mecca for Fashionistas across the land; Fashion Week had drawn the crowds, and the same buzz could be felt at Fashion Weekend; it was packed. Everyone determined to bag their – I’d normally say bargain, but this was no Zara- designer piece. Oh the clothes; the many many beautiful clothes; sadly not in my price range but that didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate their fabulousness.

We did get a free tote bag designed by Mary Katrantzou; containing a magazine, dry shampoo, tea and food..That’s right people; food…I was particularly thrilled by the small Lindt treat hidden at the bottom of the bag, who knew The Fashion Folk could be such softies as to give us chocolate. What a perfect afternoon.



DSC08092 DSC08095 DSC08096 DSC08097 DSC08099 DSC08101 DSC08103 DSC08105 DSC08106 DSC08107 DSC08109 DSC08111 DSC08114 DSC08115 DSC08116 DSC08118

IMG_8676 IMG_8687 IMG_8691

IMG_8727 IMG_8725 IMG_8720 IMG_8697

We saw the trend show which consisted of Animal Prints, Punk Rock, and Reds and Burgundys among others.



And of course the cherry blossom; (this photo has no connection to Fashion Week whatsoever I just love a cherry blossom…)


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