365 Outfits…Happy Mummy 


Well hello there. It’s been a while. Motherhood leaves me with limited time to take these photos but today I was more determined than ever. Pretty clothes deserve to be photographed! (That and I’d just washed my hair, this isn’t always the case and we had to take the opportunity, strike whilst the iron’s hot..) 

If you just happened to come across the blog; welcome, please take a look around… If you’re a loyal reader..well thank you for being a loyal reader. You are much appreciated.

To the clothes! This skirt was found in one of those rummage-through-sale-piles in Zara last year. Never worn but I loved the zig-zag pattern and bead work too much to give it away. (Did I mention I am a maximalist? They’ve coined a new term for hoarder). It also gives me a bit of a bum (if you are a loyal reader you’ll know how much I value this in a piece of clothing; good bum = happy mummy). 



Look #75: Skirt & Heels – Zara, Black Shirt – Mango 


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