365 Outfits…Sparkling White


Mother: Are you not cold?

Me: Yes of course I’m cold but you can’t see the structural details of this top with a jacket over it. See how it hangs over my bust creating a sort of swirly outline? That’s supposed to happen, and a nice warm jacket would hide all of that. 

I’ve yet to brave leaving the house in these trousers. Irrational I know but I fear spillages, mud splatters and the worst; sitting on something nasty on the train and not realising (I use the train a lot). Plus I’d feel overdressed wearing these at any point in my weekly routine: Toddler Groups/Classes/Play dates: nope, the other mothers would think “fool” as Maia smeared something brown across my sparkling white thigh, plus there’s a lot of kneeling on the ground at these things, these trousers do not say “drag me across your semi-clean carpet..“.  They do say “wear me to the office in the morning, to dinner on Friday or that drinks thing you have on Saturday night”. (Anywhere child free really). 

In my head I’m just about to order a Mojito (In reality: about to whip all this off and get back into jumper/jeans/boots to take Maia for a walk in the woods, who needs overpriced cocktails when you’ve got the great outdoors).  



Look #76: Top – Zara, Trousers – Mango, Heels – TKMaxx, Clutch – John Lewis