365 Outfits…When I Dance 


I’m not even sure where I’d wear this. It’s not really dinner attire – too much leg. I would wear it to a club but the top is a little thick, a lot of fabric going on (When I dance; I dance, so I have to wear as little as possible to reduce the level of perspiration-this is my excuse for dressing -at times- like a tramp, that and it’s a lot of fun). Drinks; this outfit is perfect for drinks. Casual yet feminine. Having said there’s too much fabric for a club; it’s versatility allows for the possibility of going dancing afterwards (one could simply tie the top up to show some skin and put up with the inevitable sweating).

If this were California, I’d wear this to lunch, but it’s not, it’s England, it’s October and it’s f****** freezing. I run inside, attempting to get feeling back in my toes then go and find my soft warm fake ugly Ugg boots. 

IMG_5467 IMG_5470

Look #77: Top – Bershka, Shorts – Zara, Heels – TKMaxx, Necklace – Wallis



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