Prague: Old Town Square

Maia is stood in my room wrapping herself up in wrapping paper. Old wrapping paper, that I’ve said she is allowed to rip up, but that she has discovered far more amusing uses for; a carpet and body wrap to name just a couple.

Before 2017 quickly becomes 2018 (WOOOO), I wanted to share a few snaps from the second leg of my adventures – (which now feel like a very very long time ago….); the magical city of Prague. (First leg: BUDAPEST, posts here).

Prague made my heart sing. (And I don’t say things like that often, or ever). Of the three cities I visited that week, Prague was most definitely my favourite. Wandering round it’s magical streets; admiring the colourful architecture; it had my heart. I was in awe.

By the time I arrived in Prague I was three nights into my solo-adventure and beginning to feel somewhat fatigued. However you only have to open your eyes in the middle of Prague’s Old Town to feel a child-like sense of wonder.

Here are a few snaps of Old Town Square:

Wenceslas Square: Old Town Square: 



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