365 Outfits…The Mummy Coat


Well I did it. I bought my Christmas present; enter the Mummy coat. (I also call it the Kim K coat, the grown up coat, and the every-woman-needs-this-coat.) Doesn’t it look ever so grown up? I feel all…womanly. This thing will last me years. It’s timeless. I can see myself wearing this well into my forties, when I own a car and have a mortgage. (Sometimes when I’m sad I visualise this mystical bright future of more half-price coats, I eat healthier, meditate daily and obviously have much longer hair). 

I may be a single mother, often I have food smeared across my clothes and sometimes I don’t wash my hair, but none of that matters; in this coat I am Maia’s sophisticated mother and wearer of beautiful coats. Oh the power of clothes…

*No, it’s not practical, it doesn’t have a hood so when it rains I have to run like a crazy woman for cover…I also shut it in my car door a lot… But hey, I always feel like a princess when I wear it and that’s all that matters. 






Look #84: Coat – Debenhams, Shirt –  Miss Selfridge, Jumper – Mango, Jeans – TK Maxx, Boots – Dune


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