Confessions of a Single Mother: Healthy Happy New Me

IMG_6107It’s time. We are over. Sugar and I are done. It’s been a long road, we’ve had our ups and downs but the day has come to break the bond once and for all. We’re just not good for each other, we spend too much time together and I’m growing attached. It’s not healthy. Sure we’ll stay friends and see each other occasionally, particularly at social gatherings (like last night at dinner with friends when I had a Brownie and Ice Cream). But I have a new love now, a new relationship, and it’s with a treadmill (read all about this new partnership here in Positive Mental Attitude). Treadmill treats me better than Sugar ever did, we’re just so right for each other. – We respond to one another’s needs and enjoy our time together.

So as a sort of follow up to a recent post – Basic Human Needs– where I discussed my sugar addiction, I thought I’d write a few words on how exactly I was going to break the bond.

Firstly, I have the appropriate literature. (And therefore I feel like I know what I’m doing, simply owning a few books on the topic is a good start right?..) I found BE BODY BEAUTIFUL – My Guide to a Healthy Happy New You in a charity shop for £1 and never thought Lucy Mecklenburgh would be so insightful but she’s got an excellent meal plan which I’ll be referring to. (I’m also very excited about this “Healthy Happy New Me”..) Mum also bought Jamie Oliver’s EVERYDAY SUPER FOOD and I am looking forward to making my first Harissa Roasted Aubergine with Pomegranate, Pistachios, Olives and Rice.( I’ve never even purchased a pomegranate, and what is harissa?)

I also like to think I have the motivation. But if “wanting to be healthier” isn’t enough, I borrowed The Marshmallow Test- Understanding Self Control and How to Master it from the library which will guide and support me through this difficult journey. I was impressed by the introduction where Walter Mischel states that “…the ability to delay immediate gratification for the sake of future consequences is an acquirable cognitive skill.” See! It’s an acquirable skill! I can retrain my mind. It can be done! Simple affirmations could even work: “It is 10pm and I do not need Cheerios”. Repeat: “It is 10pm and I do not need Cheerios”. 

What I really want is to have dinner and then just STOP. Nothing good happens in the kitchen after 8pm. Until now. From now on it’s all about home-made soups, smoothies and the overnight soaking of lentils. (Basically I need to learn how to cook like an adult).

No solid plan, just one day at a time and yes I’ll no doubt have deep burning desires for biscuits and chocolate and yes I will give in to these desires occasionally. I’M WEAK LIKE THAT. (I gave birth with no pain relief and yet I can’t resist a Hobnob…) But that’s okay, its all part of the journey. The journey to a Happy Healthy New Me that is. Gosh I am looking forward to this magical transformation, I wonder if the new me will look different. She’ll certainly know what harissa is…

This is all a hugely positive step and one I know I will be immensely proud of – IF I can make the changes, which I can, I so can, I know I can. I can I can I can. I am so hungry. Oh dear God.




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