My Week in 5 Things

5 things that made my week a little brighter:

  1. My mother and her camera. She would spend all day every day taking photos if she could. On long car journeys she’ll take photos of flowers and road signs and beautiful buildings. She takes hundreds of Maia. I used to complain sometimes: “Mum, hurry up, why do you need 1000 photos?!” But now I realise this is her mindfulness, this is her way of taking in the moment, enjoying the view and creating memories. She’s captured some of the most beautiful moments with Maia. I’ll always be grateful, because now I have each and every one of my daughter’s different facial expressions, every week since the day she was born.

2. Printing photos of my own. I develop photos in bulk (Boots Photo Online) every 6 months or so (500+ photos, 80% of Maia obviously). But every now and again – maybe once a year- I’ll print a few myself and scrapbook them.


3. Seeing my Aunty Ruth. I love spending time with my Aunty Ruth. She’s a very special person to me. She lives a life off the beaten path (y’know the one I mean: job, marriage, children yada yada yada). Instead, she travelled, taught in Africa and had several very varied different jobs. She’s a fantastic artist – though she’d never say so herself -, incredibly intelligent, insightful, hugely creative (she’s handmade all my birthday cards) and most of all one of the kindest most thoughtful people I know. She’s not interested in money, and lives with the view that helping others is the only true way to bring peace within. There was never a time when she wasn’t in the process of helping someone – be it living with my Nanna and taking care of her for years, doing an old lady’s groceries or volunteering at a local fair trade shop. She see’s life so differently to anyone I’ve ever known. I could talk to her for hours. (Everything from meditation to global warming, she could talk about anything.)  I will always be grateful that she’s part of Maia’s life.

 4. Bloom Bloom Bloom. Maia and Aunty Ruth planted the seeds months ago and now the flowers are well and truly blooming. My Aunty is the most passionate gardener I know – growing vegetables and teaching us about the seasonal feeding habits of rabbits and squirrels. Maia already loves hunting for frogs and finding snails to collect in buckets, and my personal favourite – digging for worms. – I’m getting pretty good at my pretend “OH GOODNESS ANOTHER WORM!!” Face.. I’m not really one to get my hands dirty. The thought of holding a wriggly worm….No get AWAY. 

5. Maia’s counting. She can count. Sort of. She can count in groups of numbers but not quite 1-10 yet. (123…16 17 18… 789). It brings me a lot of joy. See my Instagram for all the cuteness.



  1. The first time my son counted 1-10 was just amazing. As a mathematician I love that he loves counting things. Everything is described as a number 🙂 He isn’t so great at letters yet but he’s 2 and a half so I’m not going to demand he knuckle down just yet 🙂


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    1. Awh! That’s amazing that he’s only two and he can do that! She does the same thing with the alphabet, she knows it all but in big chunks in random orders haha
      My dad taught Maths so he’s keen to start helping her with homework etc when she’s older..Thank you for your comment! 🙂 Xx


  2. Aw such lovely pics! Yes I agree, it’s so rewarding to see the knowledge just “click” for them – like knowing sequences, correlation, etc.. my boy was an early counter as well though only recently he’s realised what numbers stand for and started counting things properly (before he thought I was just saying numbers and tapping my finger on a book lol!!). He’s just turned 3 and is now into telling the time on digital clocks e.g. “What time is it? Five forty five…” and I will respond “Jacob go back to sleep…”

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    1. That’s amazing he can tell the time! Ahaha 5:45 is early to be practicing! We’ll have to start working on telling the time, she knows most of the alphabet but again it’s in chunks at the moment.. It’s all happening so quickly!
      Anyway Thank you for your comment 🙂 xx

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      1. That’s actually why we started teaching him the time – if the first number is 5, it’s WAY too early so go back to bed. If it’s 6 something it’s okay but the “sun” rises at 6.45 (he’s got a Groclock) so he can only turn the lights on then. He’s still got a way to go with that (after forty nine is forty ten apparently) but one step at a time!


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