Maia’s Adventures: You are my Sunshine

5 of Maia’s Little Adventures this week:

1.) Virginia Water. This is probably my favourite place to take Maia. Big open spaces, beautiful gardens and of course several ice-cream vans; it’s the perfect place for a toddler to run wild.

I ate 3/4 of this, obviously. I kept taking it off her to “tidy up the sides”, A) so it wouldn’t drip all over her and B) so she wouldn’t consume quite as much sugar. I call this strategic parenting, even better parenting would be to not buy the ice-cream in the first place but when you’re surrounded by passers by all with ice-creams and happy children, it’s sort of hard to say no to: “MUMMY I WANT A WHITE ICE-CREAM.. Mummy?…MUMMY A WHITE ICE-CREAM!!!!!”. 

2.) BEE-FEE. It would be an understatement to say: Maia loves dogs. If I could bring home a Labrador for her tomorrow just to see the look on her face, I would, but sadly I just don’t have the money or the patience to raise an animal as well as a child, nor do we have the home for it.

We had lunch with Cathy this week, and she brought with her Phoebe; the friendliest most lovable creature who of course Maia couldn’t get enough of. She shrieked and giggled with excitement with Phoebe’s every move. What really made us all laugh was the fact Maia -prior to meeting Phoebe – couldn’t pronounce the letter ‘F’. She started by calling Phoebe ‘SeeBee’ as I expected her to. She then began calling her BeeFee. – This first time we’d ever heard her say the ‘Fee’ sound. BeeFee didn’t seem to mind.

3.) BERTIE. From one dog to the next, Maia’s had her fill of canine joy this week. When Maia was only a few weeks old, one of the first times I took her out for a walk in the cold October air, we bumped into two little old ladies and their dogs. We’d chat and they’d admire the baby, they’d tell me about their families – Pam has five sons. Over the weeks and months, I’d bump into them over and over, and they’d see Maia grow from a gurgling baby to walking and talking toddler. We bumped into Pam and her 13 year old dog Bertie yesterday and had our usual little catch up. Our conversations always makes me smile and sometimes when I’m a little grumpy or when Maia’s mid-tantrum, I’ll bump into her and she’ll lift me out of my slump. “Gosh, hasn’t she grown! I remember when she was just a tiny little baby!”.

Obviously Maia was besotted with dear old Bertie.

4.) Park Life. Maia goes to the park nearly everyday. I never know how it’s going to turn out. Sometimes we’ll stay for three minutes and she’ll want to leave, other times it’ll be an hour and I have to carry her home screaming because I’m desperate for a wee.

5. You are My Sunshine. I started singing this to her months ago and she now knows all the words and loves singing it to anyone and everyone, including passers by at the park. Now I get a lot of: “Mummy can we sing My Sunshine together?”. And we do, and it’s magical.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey, you never know dear, how much I love you, you make my sun shine every day.”

Her little singing voice is truly the most beautiful, wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.

See my Instagram for the video.


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