365 Outfits…Playtime

The exhaustion that comes with raising a tiny human- by yourself– hit hard this week. I can only describe it as feeling like a robot, a machine.
I needed a break. So to boost my spirits and re-energise, I did what my mother and my mother’s mother would do; I bought things.
…I can happily say things are looking up and I’m now back to the bright side. I made it to Friday.
To all mothers, single or not, we are all in fact Superwomen, all of us.

Here is outfit #32

IMG_4743 IMG_4661 IMG_4742 IMG_4667 IMG_4677 IMG_4656 IMG_4649



Playsuit – Miss Selfridge
Black top – Primark
Long Light grey cardigan – Ginger G at TK Maxx
Trainers – Cara
Silver Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser
Headband – Topshop
Necklace – Topshop
Gold bracelet – Dorothy Perkins
Ring – Wallis


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