Maia’s Adventures: CHASE ME MUMMY

Some of Maia’s little adventures this week:

1.) The Library

We love the library. There’s just so much fun to be had.  We don’t really get much reading done as she prefers to run up and down the aisles hiding from me – my favourite memory is when I bumped into a Mummy friend and got chatting, within seconds Maia had disappeared, I thought she’d left the building and had visions of her being kidnapped or hit by a car but she was found sixty terrifying seconds later sat playing happily on her own in the kid’s corner. – Parenting FAIL to the worst degree right there, seeing a friend and thinking it was appropriate to have a thirty second conversation, losing focus from my child and risking losing her in the process.  I learnt my lesson that day; never, even for a moment, divert your attention away from your tiny human in public.

Oblivious to my triple-panic-attack, Maia continues to run away from me at every opportunity in the library.

2.) Pre-Breakfast Masterpiece

It was 8am and we hadn’t had breakfast but that didn’t matter. For Maia, it was not time for food, but for paint. And not her kiddie-Tesco-paints either. Nope, she wanted to use Mummy’s acrylics. So with careful supervision and the teeniest helpings of paint (I’m a little precious about my art supplies, okay very precious) we spent approximately four minutes creating this masterpiece (below). She was very specific about wanting to use only BROWN paint, so we compromised on adding other autumnal shades to avoid the piece looking…well.. poop-smeared.


We do a lot of chasing. Chasing around the lawn, around the house, to the park, around the park..I get a lot of “CHASE ME MUMMY!!!” and it occurs to me how much faster she is than she used to be. She can walk for much longer and run twice as fast. It’s scary how quickly she’s growing from a baby to a child. I mean it literally scares me thinking about how fast it’s all happening. I’m proud yet petrified.

She’s been wearing her new converse trainers a lot this week (a gift from her wonderful Aunty Berlyn). They were well received: “I LOVE MY NEW RUNNING TRAINERS MUMMY!”…

4.) Blackberry Picking

I had to refrain from saying “DON’T EAT IT” every time she picked one. (I’m not one of those cool-laid back earth mummies that lets their kids eat berries straight from the bushes, no no, dogs pee in those bushes so pick the high ones and wash them first please..)


5.) Saying CHEESE

Maia never used to pose for photos ( and we still have moments where she’ll tell me to PUT YOUR SONE AWAY MUMMY!” (Sone, not phone, still working on that ‘Fa’ sound..) but now she loves saying cheese and posing so I can finally get that much coveted non-blurry shot. Certainly makes life a little easier.



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