5 Things: Alotta Love


5 things that make me smile picking Maia up from Nursery: 


We are fortunate enough to be able to walk to Maia’s nursery. This means I have a good 20-25 minutes of – in-effect- ME-TIME, where I’m able to hear my own thoughts, listen to music, or, say, go over my 5-year plan. I love this time. I try and use it wisely by being mindful and taking in my surroundings, and by this I mean I will literally look at a tree and think “Oh look at that beautiful tree blooming” or “ooh look number 49’s extension’s finally finished, looks fab..”. I purposefully try and steer clear of asking myself any loaded future-based questions like “so what is your purpose in life? ..Is it a steady career? ” or “When and how do you plan to move out of your parents house out”..Those are my top three of “Questions I am not allowed to ask myself on walk-to-nursery.” It’s a very pleasant walk and I like to keep it that way. (With my mind, it would be very easy to go from happy to distressed very quickly and drive myself doo-lally during the 25 minute walk..My mind is like a mischievous dog that needs taming. – It might take a while, but we’ll get there eventually.) 


As I mentioned above, I try and take it all in. I know it sounds naff but this shit works. Feeling all zen just thinking about the trees. Trees, clouds, flowers….Even just a colourful overgrown bush. – It all makes me smile.


The conversation. Sometimes it’s the first time I’ve actually had a conversation with another adult all day. I love these women. They get it, they’ve been through it, they feel my pain and know the joys. I’ve made several new mummy friends these last few weeks, we currently walk home with lovely Mummy Sam and her two daughters. I love getting to know new people and Maia loves the kiddie company. Snaps all round.


The outfits. The inspiration. The COOL. – Seeing what some of the other mummies are wearing. Some of them are just so on point, for some reason this makes me feel good. (You’d expect the opposite but I just like knowing that YES, mothers of young children CAN look cool in real life, not just on Instagram..)

5.) 3:30

Obviously, the actual picking-up of my little joy. I can never quite handle the running-into-my-arms part when it’s her turn to come and meet me. – I’m just lit up from the inside. There’s a lot of love in that room as each child greets their Mummy or Daddy.

Alotta love.




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