Budapest: The Great Market Hall, The Liberty Statue and Thoughts on Love

Maia is still off nursery. She is buzzing around, but the 48-hour sickness rule means she can’t go in today. It’s not ideal but this does mean I don’t have to prepare a lunchbox or put a bra on…Always looking for that silver lining. 

With the consistent hum of a small child murmuring “I’m gonna be a mighty King so enemies beware” repeatedly in the background; I will not be attempting anything elaborate in this description of my last few hours in Budapest. Yet again, I give you a bullet point list, followed by a series of photographs. Some of which are even captioned.

DAY 3 PART II (For Part I see this post here..)
Walk with Ruby to the River.
Photograph The Liberty Statue (above + below).
Great Market Hall (below) and purchase chocolate for the family.
Vlog lots.
Metro station to purchase bus tickets to the airport. Get told off by metro-ticket man for taking photographs.
Say goodbye to Ruby and head back to the hostel.
Bump into Tobi and decide to share a cab to the airport (below).
Bye Bye Budapest –> HELLO PRAGUE.

The Liberty Statue on the Gellért Hill. 

The Great Market Hall 

I remember thinking “I love Paulo Coelho. How awesome that I made friends with someone who is reading one of his books in another language…”. So thank you Maria for this shot..

I managed to catch a ride with the lovely Tobi to the airport, which definitely beat potentially having to stand on a crowded bus. We talked about his paint-balling career and doing what you love and even about meeting the one. He said – and I will remember this forever-   “I’ve met lots of people I really like, but no one I love..I just haven’t met anyone like me yet..”. 

I loved that. Thought it was absolutely brilliant. Hadn’t met anyone like him.
I.e: Don’t settle. Don’t settle for someone who isn’t as great as you. 

He didn’t know it, but he came out with the exact words I had needed to hear. It was a perfect way to end my Budapest adventure; being reminded of my greatness and how I simply hadn’t met anyone like me yet. 

I mean at this point it was Goodbye Hungary…


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