Happiness By Design: Happy Birthday Grandad


“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s 73rd Birthday.

My Aunty baked the cake; a yummy fruity-combination of ginger, dates and some other flavours. It lasted about five hours, with only three of us eating it.

I do love birthdays in our house because we do the same thing every year: The lighting of the candles, (the do not come into the kitchen!), the turning out the lights, the singing and capturing of the candle-blowing-out moment. There’s the present opening, the big lunch my Mum will inevitably cook, and later in the week the box of chocolates – given as a present- that gets opened.

I asked my Dad if he was happy to be 73. 

“Well, yes, very happy, but I think I’d rather be 72, but you don’t really get much choice…”

So it’s a bad thing to be getting older?…

“Well, not necessarily…”

Are you happier than you were 10 years ago?

– “I think I am yes..”. 

And that sort of made my day really.

Happy Birthday to the kindest, smartest, most awesome Dad and Grandad a child could ask for. 



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