New Year’s Eve: Love, Sweat and Alcohol




Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2017 whatever you’ve been up to; be it glued to your bed like me or doing more fruitful things.

I had a fabulous New Year’s Eve.

It began with some feel-good cleaning and tidying – the kind you do, knowing it’s a chore, but in anticipation of your wonderful guests, and therefore with a level of enthusiasm and excitement.

Good friends Aimy, Beth and Ems came over late afternoon. We drank tea, ate vegetable tart and prawn tempura, and generally had a lovely catch up. (They also bought some delightful Christmas gifts, more on this tomorrow).

We then began the preparations. By this I mean the nail painting, hair curling, the colouring-in of various parts of our faces. – All whilst sipping wine and trying to occupy Maia.- With a mix of Musical soundtracks and 90s classics on in the background.

We met a big group of friends in town and went to a restaurant with live music/later on a DJ and a generally chilled-yet-adequately-lively vibe.

It was a fab night, we saw in the New Year with plenty of prosecco, a sufficient intake of tequila and of course dancing. – Followed by one glorious McFlurry in the early hours of 2017.

Midnight brought lots of hugs and kisses all round, and I found myself with the sweetest, most hilarious, awesome group of people.

There was just a lot of love in the room.

Love, sweat and alcohol.

(Sadly we didn’t get a photo of all of us, but did get this one, so thank you Sarah!) 


And of course Aimy and I took one or two….


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