Texas Roadtrip Adventures: San Antonio


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

― Anita Desai

Until last year, I had never even heard of the city of San Antonio. But as Berlyn pointed out; if you’re ever in Texas, it’s well worth visiting. There’s a lot to see.

We only stayed for one night, so didn’t manage many tourist attractions, but we spent most of this time eating and walking around, so I was happy.

The river walk was quite an experience. It sort of reminded me of Italy in the Summer, with the bustling dining areas and humidity. We had burritos and quesadillas for dinner (San Antonio isn’t all that far from the Mexican border) then sat in a little ice-cream parlour and mildly irritated the ice-cream lady asking to try half the flavours.. (Which all tasted just as good as each other when you’re half-baked from all the walking around in the heat).

After exploring a little, we headed back through the buzzing San Antonio streets to our hotel. (We had the kids so no alcohol consumption on the cards, but we were both pretty exhausted anyway..#motherhood..).

When I think back to our short visit; I clearly remember one thing; the atmosphere. I really picked up on it. Sometimes when you visit a new place, it may not be all that visually exciting, but the people are friendly and there’s a buzz in the atmosphere, a certain energy that just makes you want to return and explore more of it.


The San Antonio River Walk, which extends 15 miles..







I get excited whenever I see anything that remotely resembles my name (Angie). If I were Mexican, I feel this would be my name. 


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
― Marcel Proust



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