Honest Motherhood: Meet The Bocks Family

Two weeks ago I introduced you to Wendy, Maia’s delightful cardboard creation. She was a lovely bit of cardboard, quiet and easy going, never any drama to report. Things have progressed a little since then.
Not only has Wendy aged slightly, (weeks seem to equate to years in box terms) she has also found her life partner and birthed an entire cardboard family in a matter of weeks. A rather large cardboard family. When we agreed to bring the cardboard masterpiece on holiday with us, that was on the basis she was a single person. This is no longer the case. A great deal happened on that holiday, and we did not anticipate quite how crowded the car journey home would become. Let’s go back to where it all began for Wendy.
After losing her hair to a downpour at the beach on Saturday, Wendy came back to life with a colourful arrangement of flora and fauna on Sunday morning. By the afternoon, Maia was beginning to feel as though Wendy would benefit from a friend, maybe even a special someone. After an intentional cardboard-seeking trip to ALDI, and a few minutes alone with her trusty Sellotape, “David”, a suitable bachelor came into form. (Pictured, top right with the bow tie). Their love was unmistakable, the pair had quite the connection.
A highly audible announcement was made, and my parents and I soon found ourselves in the living room, witnessing the marriage ceremony of Wendy and David, led by my darling girl. It was hilarious but also quite beautiful. After tying the knot, the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Bocks, didn’t hang around. I woke early the following morning to the sound of Sellotape. (One doesn’t consider Sellotape to have a particular sound, but I can assure you, with heavy usage, it does.)
“Mummy! Mummy!”
“Wendy and David had children! This is Harry and this is Roselyn!”
“Gosh, that was fast, they’ve been busy, and they’re different ages, just like that, how clever.”. 
“Can they come with us to the beach?!”
You might think a family of four is sufficient. Well, not for these two lovebirds. We arrived home from Wales just over a week ago and in that short time Wendy and David have made five more offspring, bringing their current total to seven and counting. They’re a playful bunch, much like the von Trapp family but without the beautiful singing voices, or any voices at all for that matter.
They have identities too. Their names are, in no particular order: Harry, Roselyn, May, Belle, Barry, Lavender and Solja. The Bocks Family.
It’s hard to express the level of joy and enthusiasm that has gone into each and every one of these amusing cardboard individuals. Maia has certainly kept herself busy. It’s a full time job creating box-people, taking good care of them, making sure they’re not getting into any mischief. Not to mention keeping them away from the recycling bin. She’s a determined little artist, creating her own show and all the characters in it. And she didn’t stop there. Shortly after the seventh child was born, “Grandma”, Wendy’s Mother, (pictured, centre with ear-muffs) came along, rather conveniently, to help raise the kids. (Even my five year old appreciates the need for sufficient child care.) Who knows what’ll appear next, a dog, nanny, or box-baby number eight.

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