The Colourful Kind: What is your message?

IMG_1422I’ve been reading a lot about blogging recently; in particular, the book; The Million Dollar Blog. There’s a section where you have to fill out your vision, your message, your purpose.
And I just thought f***. What is my message? Am I such a shitty blogger for not having a clear message? A clear purpose? Have I really been blogging in dribs and drabs with no real direction or focus? Well, yes..
The truth is I don’t have some profound greater mission with my blog. I just want to make people smile. That was the first thing I ever wrote on my About page three years ago “if this blog makes just one person smile, I’ll feel it’s a success”. Cheesy, but true.
Three years in, my message has evolved a little. I now want to encourage others to explore their creativity, and make time for the things they love.

It’s nothing unique, but it’s a decent enough message.

Try new things, follow your curiosity, laugh at yourself.

So whilst I have this message in mind; I still write for me. I write because I enjoy it and I know that friends and family enjoy reading what I have to say. There’s a sense of getting it out of my system when I write about something that pisses me off or is close to my heart. I often get sweet messages from people saying “thank you for writing that, I feel the same way..”; it’s a huge boost, and I adore every one of you for taking the time to read my rambles. It means a lot.

The book also talks a lot about finding your niche. This is where I feel a tad screwed. I have tried deciding on a niche. I started out wanting to be a fashion blogger, then a Mummy blogger, then a personal development blogger, then I realised I would never be able to solely write about one topic, that this was just too big an ask. Then I read this blog post by Honest Mum who stated that her niche was her voice and I decided this was true for me too. – And if it makes my blog weak and my target audience all over the place then so be it..

My niche is my voice.

This meant I could write about.. whatever I wanted. 

If I had to put a label on it, I would say The Colourful Kind is a “creative lifestyle blog” (this is a thing, I’ve googled it). I came to this conclusion because the majority of what I write about – bar my Mummy posts- centres around creativity. – Everything from actively pursuing my creative outlets (the acting, art, textiles etc), to the books I read -often by creatives and thought leaders- to the interviews with people in creative fields. It’s all rather..Colourful.

Documenting parts of Maia’s development through blogging has been one of the most rewarding experiences; not just because it’s wonderful to look back on posts from months ago and see how much she’s changed, but also because I love getting comments from others who share in this joy.

It can be an isolating experience being a stay at home Mum but hearing from friends, and other parents – even when it’s online and sometimes halfway across the world – reminds you you’re not alone, and you’re not the only one going through *fill in the blank as to what you’r’e going through*…

I guess that’s what the blogging world has helped me realise; we are all unique, and we are all the same.


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