Oxford, U.K Part 1: Please-Touch Museums, Stunning Chapels and Quirky Colourful Streets

IMG_1375Above: The High Street, Oxford 

It’s Monday afternoon and I have a few minutes to squeeze in a blog post before going to pick Maia up. So I’ll throw in a few photos of my recent trip to Oxford and call it a post. A very visual post..

My Spanish friend Isa came to stay last week and left yesterday morning. It was a flying visit; we had 48 hours to see as much as we could of Oxford and London.

I took Isa and Maia to Oxford on Friday; having googled “places to see in Oxford” just the night before. After print-screening Google maps several times and looking up opening hours and accessibility with a pushchair; I still felt less than prepared to show my lovely Spanish friend around. I almost felt under pressure; she simply had to have a good time and see all that there was to see; otherwise she may leave feeling as though it were a wasted trip. No no no.

We ended up visiting The Ashmolean Museum, The Museum of Natural History, All Souls College and Chapel, The Bodleian Library, The Botanical Gardens (in next post), a sweet little coffee shop on the High Street said to be the oldest in Europe, and several book shops. (All of which are well worth a visit if you’re ever in Oxford). With a lively three year old, and a slightly sleep-deprived Mummy; I think I can say we did quite well, even if we did fast pace walk between each place… Well Isa said she enjoyed herself…


IMG_0437Above: The Museum of Natural History – With the sign “Please Touch” next to several animals.. Don’t mind if we do.. 
Below:  All Souls College, Oxford University

IMG_1373IMG_1372IMG_1367Above: The Chapel in All Souls College, Oxford University IMG_1359IMG_1361Above: Outside the Bodleian Library


YES YES YES to this awesome street. More of this all across England please.


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