Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia  

A few snaps from my recent visit to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. It was absolutely mind-blowing and the photos do not do it justice. 16 lakes can be seen from the surface; separated into upper and lower clusters, formed by runoff from the mountains. (Thanks Wikipedia..). Lakes, mountains and waterfalls all in one short mesmerising stroll?! Yep. 

The colours were stunning; with a beautiful range of blues and greens, I just wanted to jump right in to the sparkly waters. With over 1 million visitors a year, if you’re ever in Croatia it is well worth a visit.



  1. Yeees, even the most modern of the DSLRs will have a hard time capturing the real beauty of Plitvice. We visited it last year. It was our 3rd stop in our trip to Croatia by car.

    Croatia has many great natural parks and we stopped also to Krka Waterfalls some days later, but Plitvice is unique the most beautiful of them in my opinion.

    Here are a few artivles I wrote also on our trip, would love to have your support and follow back as you have mine, and share inspiration from one another.

    Happy travels!


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